Rosemary – to be remembered

Rosemary has been linked to memory for centuries. For instance, Ophelia in Hamlet says to her brother Laertes: ”There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

Scientifically, there are different kinds of memory like past memory (your experiences and what you learned at school), present memory (your working minute-to-minute memory) and future memory or ”remembering to remember”.

It seems to be plenty of examples of people who have improved their past and present memories. But remembering to remember could be more complicated.

A team at Northumbria University is now running an experiment to test whether rosemary essential oil could benefit future memory. And it turns out that there are some compounds in rosemary oil that may impact on memory performance.

But of course, things are not that simple within brain biochemistry. However, this study make rosemary even more thinkable. (Photo: Thinkstock)